What is Marshall Arts, etc.?


is my last name...

we are dedicated to the activities of creating beautiful things. 


art is not limited to a painting or a drawing but includes many forms of creative expression. 


et cetera is a Latin term meaning "and other unspecified things of the same class".

Providing variety of art forms

photography, drawing, painting, furniture making, writing, card making, photo editing, furniture painting, lyrics, music, singing, needlework patterns, sewing, etc.

our Creations are spontaneous. on these pages you will see many products that were created from our hearts, our heads, our voices, our hands. 

art is spontaneous; if you see something at this site, it may be the only one of it's kind. 

each product will be identified as one of a kind, limited edition, seasonal edition or reproducible. 




Judy Marshall



Located in Cary, IL approximately 1 hour (40 miles) Northwest of Chicago